Lesbian and Gay Ministry at St. Matthew’s Church, Long Beach, CA

Our May Meeting - Cinco de Mayo

Tuesday, May 7 at 7:00 pm in St. Matthew's Church 672 Temple Ave, Long Beach

Happy Spring everyone. We hope you continue to embrace the Easter season and the many blessings promised by our Lord. We invite you to attend our Cinco de Mayo celebration on Tuesday May 7th. June 6, 2023. We will meet at 7:00PM in the Fr. Miesel Hall. There will be food, games, music and fellowship. If you’re able, please bring a acompañamiento or guarnición (side dish) or postre (dessert) to share with fellow partygoers (enough to serve, say, 4 or 6 people). If not, don’t keep that from holding you back from attending.

Long Beach Pride - May 18 - May 19

George Takei: “We should indeed be calm in the face of indifference, and live our lives in a state of inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity.” Does not the shepherd care for all of his sheep? God created us in the womb, and declared us acceptable. No one has the right to deny us our full humanity as children of God. Diversity (white, black, brown, straight, gay) is the kingdom of God. For over 30 years this has been the constant message of Comunidad.

Every year at the Long Beach Pride festival Comunidad sponsors the "Welcome Home, Catholics" booth. Comunidad proclaims our message, humanity and our life in the Church. The dates for Pride are May 18 and 19. Please stop by our booth. For more information about all the goings-on at Pride go the Pride website.

Our June Meeting: Our Annual Pride Mass 2024

Sunday, June 9, 2:00 p.m., St. Matthew Catholic Church, 672 Temple Ave., Long Beach

On Sunday June 9 at 2:00 pm, Comunidad celebrates Gay Pride with a Eucharistic meal. “Do not be afraid. Go on speaking and do not be silenced, for I am with you. (Acts of the Apostles)” Comunidad continues to speak to the LBGT community. Our message is simple: “You are not alone, for you are God's own! Together, we sing and proclaim. So, join us around the table of the Lord to sing and proclaim. Our celebrant will be Fr. Gerald O’Brien.

The Mass will be followed with a reception in Fr. Gerry Meisel Hall, which will include food, drinks, and an opportunity to celebrate our over 30 years together as a community. All are welcome.

Comudidad's Appeal Letter

These are fraught times for the LGBTQ+ community. Nex Benedict, a transgendered youth, was found dead after being bullied. The University of Florida cancelled all DEI programs. The political rhetoric is explosively virulent and cruel. Comunidad offers a port in this violent storm. We are asking for your support. Your support allows us to spread our message of love at events like our annual Pride Mass, LB Pride and our monthly meetings. Please read our Appeals Letter and donate. Any support you can give is greatly appreciated. God Bless.

We’ve got other upcoming events, too!